Airline Launches Clothing Rental so People Don't Have to Pack

The Any Wear, Anywhere trial allows people to travel to Japan without luggage

Jul 14, 2023
Airline Launches Clothing Rental so People Don't Have to Pack | The Any Wear, Anywhere trial allows people to travel to Japan without luggage

For many travelers, packing and checking bags is one of the parts of traveling they would rather skip. Now there’s  a way to avoid the packing, the hassle of lugging suitcases to the airport, and the long lines to check them in. Japan Airlines (JAL) is trialing a program that allows people to travel lighter and easier by renting clothing at their destination and leaving the baggage at home.

Besides being convenient for travelers, this trial that began on July 5, 2023 and will run for 13 months, is part of a plan from the airline to make planes lighter, to use less fuel, and to reduce carbon emissions, according to a press release from JAL.

The company believes that passengers are  interested in making sustainable choices when they travel. “With more and more people flying again after the Covid-19 pandemic, and with the recent emphasis in sustainability, there is a growing movement around the world to promote sustainable tourism,” said the airline. This is why they are turning to this unique way of traveling light.

Any Wear, Anywhere
Any Wear, Anywhere is a clothing rental service for travelers who are flying JAL and do not want to bring clothing with them. The clothing can be reserved a month in advance for up to two weeks, reported The Independent. Your order will be delivered to your hotel and collected at the end of your rental period.

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Any Wear, Anywhere is being managed by the Japanese trading firm Sumitomo. The clothing comes from overstock or pre-owned and will come freshly laundered. The prices will vary depending on how many outfits you need but they are somewhat pricey. A mans casual summer package that comes with three t-shirts and two pairs of shorts will run about $27. There are multiple sets of seasonal clothing to choose from.

Reducing carbon emissions
According to the company, for every kilogram of weight saved by not carrying passenger baggage on a flight from New York to Tokyo, the carbon emissions are reduced by 0.75 kilograms. JAL will keep track of the changes in passenger’s checked baggage weight to verify the amount of savings in carbon dioxide emissions, according to the press release.

While not everyone is willing to take a chance on renting clothing they haven’t tried on, for some people it’s a way to try out new styles without having to purchase the items. If you are not that adventuresome, even reducing the amount of clothing you take on vacation will help the environment by reducing the use of petroleum-based fuels.

Real environmental savings will come when airplanes are powered by cleaner, sustainable fuels. But until then, a small step like reducing baggage weight, is a step going in the right direction.

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