The Amazing Billboard that Filters Water

A Peruvian innovation making drinking water

Creating drinking water from air.

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We've heard of jugs and taps that filter water, but a billboard? Yes, you read that correctly - this billboard in Lima, Peru is capable of producing 100 liters (26 gallons) of clean, drinkable water every day – just by standing there.
It works like this: the structure captures moisture from the air and puts it through a reverse osmosis system, turning it into drinking water which is then stored in 20L tanks. It is capable of providing drinking water for hundreds of families per month.
Orignally designed by Lima's University of Engineering and Technology as an advertisement for enrolment, the billboard works to overcome the lack of portable water in the coastal desert. The ingenious design takes advantage of the atmospheric humidity of almost 98%, to counter the dangerously low annual rainfall (just over half an inch).
Could this be the answer for other drought-stricken cities around the world?

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