Amy Poehler Tells Young Women: Be Yourself

Smart Girls at the Party

Three young women.

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The hilarious actress and comedienne Amy Poehler is well known for her acting chops, from Saturday Night Live and Parks and Recreation, to her Golden Globes performance with pal Tina Fey. A perhaps lesser known tidbit of information about Poehler is that she is a huge advocate for young women and is the co-founder of Smart Girls at the Party.
Harnessed with a great gift for humor, a witty tongue and a big heart, Poehler's Smart Girls at the Party serves as a platform to encourage girls to be their authentic selves. True to Poehler’s signature style, the website - which highlights the life, problems and accomplishments of young women - is direct while also being lively and jovial.
Smart Girls’ YouTube channel runs videos featuring Poehler interviewing interesting young women and giving advice on Ask Amy. The website is also home to Girls of the World, where ladies hailing from all parts of the globe give viewers a taste of their local culture.
Smart Girls at the Party is a fun and insightful resource that champions young women, letting them know what their best option is - be yourself. Which, when you think about it, is really smart. [Source: Smart Girls at the Party]

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