Ancient Moon Water is Trending Again

When the moon shines it’s time for DIY moon water.



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Each night, the moon glows above planet Earth, waxing and waning each month. The moon’s influence is so strong, its gravitational pull affects each drop of seawater, pulling it from the shore with receding tides each day. Bring some of this power right into your home by collecting moon water to cleanse and transform. 

Aside from the tides, the moon has a lunar effect on people, with some experiencing mood swings or sleeplessness during a full moon. Since water is known to absorb energetic properties and the human body is 60 percent water, there could be a strong lunar connection, according to Healthline.

This mystical connection has been observed since the dawn of time, with many ancient religions practicing spiritual rites associated with the moon’s phases. In the ancient practices, the moon was connected with a feminine energy: one of acceptance, peace, and presence of mind.

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Harnessing the power of the moon
Although many religious lunar practices have waned, some people still uphold a tradition of connecting to this energy by collecting moon water. They do this to cleanse negative emotions, help manifest intentions, and to beautify skin.

Simply place a glass jar of spring or distilled water on a windowsill or outside under moonlight overnight. The collected moon water can be sipped, added to a bath, infused with a favorite essential oil, and sprayed on skin or around the home.

When placing the jar, it is recommended to have awareness. This can be done by setting an intention about cleansing, releasing, or healing. This can be written and placed under the glass or said aloud. 

Properties of the phases
Different phases of the moon are known to influence distinct energies. As the moon waxes, one enters a time of creativity and inspiration. Collecting moon water from a full moon is the most powerful phase and is a time to clear and release energy. As the moon wanes, the energy is one of forgiveness and grounding.

A preferable way to collect moon water is by using fresh rainwater, suggests mgbmindfulness, and avoid doing this during lunar eclipses. As moon water is revitalizing, it can be enjoyed in a bath under moonlight, used to water house plants, and added to a cleaning solution. Boil the moon water and enjoy a cup of tea under that nocturnal glow!

Supercharging with crystals
To add an extra power boost to moon water, place a crystal inside the water or on top of the jar, explains Glamour. As crystals are recharged by absorbing moonlight, add them to your moon water ritual.

Choose a water-safe crystal to supercharge that moon water and select the appropriate crystal for your healing affirmation. Amethyst helps improve sleep, sapphire is used for insight, and turquoise is associated with healing.

Developing an awareness of the moon’s cycles may offer a deeper connection to the natural world. As the moon waxes full, tides continue their journey of ebb and flow, moods may fluctuate, and sleep is often interrupted. Instead of tossing and turning under that powerful moon glow, head outside with a jar of water and tap into its revitalizing powers. 

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