Another Aussie Drive Wants You To Grow Your Facial Hair

Following the success of Movember, Beard Season encourages Aussies to get skin checks and raises awareness for melanoma.

It's beard season!

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When was the last time you got a skin check? Beard Season, a new melanoma awareness initiative out of Sydney wants to influence the answer to that important question – especially in countries with mild weather and outdoorsy populations, like the land Down Under.
Founded in memory of 26-year-old skin cancer victim Wes Bonny by a group of his friends, the initiative is similar to Australian-born Movember, in that it asks participants to grow facial hair to spread awareness for a life-threatening disease. But Beard Season isn’t looking to raise funds - just pledges to get those all-important skin checks, which can catch melanomas while they’re still treatable. For this reason, Beard Season wants men to get their skin checked, grow a beard - the bigger, the better - and then spread the word by sharing photos online and talking about it to anyone who’ll listen.
Along with the online drive, the beards behind the campaign are also spreading awareness the old school way - by canvassing in public. Their promotional video shows the guys spending a day on the iconic Bondi Beach and convincing beachgoers to pledge to get a skin check.
For now Beard Season is only in Australia, but it looks as though - like Movember - it’ll spread around the globe in no time at all.

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