An App for Happy People

Illuum helps you achieve happiness with graphs and stats

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How happy are you? What’s your happiest day in the week? What decisions boggle your mind too much? And most of all, how to keep track of your happy-sad metrics? Use Illuum, an online free app that helps you track, study and improve your happiness.
With a super simple interface, Illuum allows you to rate your day on a scale of 1 (“the worst”) to 9 (“awesomeness”). Your log is translated into graphs, while the app also calculates a bunch of things that may go unnoticed: you may find out that Tuesday mornings are your happiest times, but Sunday nights are always glum. Armed with this data, you can now try to find ways to fix your Sunday sadness.
Illum also helps out with life’s biggest dilemmas (should I marry my boyfriend, should I quit your job) and smaller decisions (should I go out for coffee or clean house).
So should you or should you not try out Illuum? If you’re unsure, use Illuum to nail down this decision.

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