The App That Understands How You Really Feel

Moodies decodes the emotions behind your words in real time

Aug 10, 2014

Screenshot of Moodies

Do your words match your emotions? For those interested in finding out, Moodies is the app for you. All you need is your voice and a smartphone and with the click of a button, 19 years of research into the science of emotions comes to life. The free app analyzes and translates vocal intonations as they occur. It takes only 20 seconds to warm up, and the microphone activated app picks up on the conversation taking place. A broad range of feelings - from happy and hopeful to worried and angry - appear on the screen and provide real time insight into the emotional state of the speaker, changing in accordance with the varying emotions demonstrated by the speaker's inflections. 
Beyond Verbal is the mastermind behind the ingenious app and believes that it is not what you say but how you say it. The company sees Moodies as a tool to further understand how people interact, and they visualize the science of emotional analyzing as a way to gain greater clarity into all aspects of life including dating, business negotiations and more. The free app is an emotional check-in of sorts, giving users a heightened sense of awareness into how they communicate and what topics or individuals trigger distinct emotional responses. 

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