The App You Can't Live without When Nature Calls

Flushd - the social networking platform for public bathrooms.

Nature call.

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How many times have you found yourself needing to use a public restroom but not knowing where to turn? Fear not - location based app Flushd is on a mission to increase the quality of the bathroom experience globally. The quirky little app, which is free for now, displays a list of public bathrooms based on the user's location.

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Thanks to data gathered by members, Flushd contains all the info you'd ever want or need to know such as if a restroom has a changing table or the level of cleanliness. In true community spirit, users can add their own private toilets to the list for others to use when necessary.
Once you've found a bathroom that suits your needs, the app's built in ‘Read’ function aggregates informative and entertaining content from around the web to maximize your restroom experience.
Flushd is also raising awareness about bathroom-related health and hygiene issues with physician co-founders Jessica Edwards and Marc Richman sharing insights on an informative blog that discusses important topics often considered taboo or embarrassing.

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