The ATM That Grants Wishes for Unsuspecting Customers [VIDEO]

An automated thanking machine replaces the standard ATM and makes dreams come true

Aug 27, 2014

On a typical day, thousands of TD Bank customers throughout Canada walk into their local branch to take out money from the ATM. A standard procedure, they submit their card, enter a password, decide how much money they’d like and walk away with cash in hand. But in this video, the ATM which usually stands for automated teller machine, is converted into an automated thank you machine for a number of fortunate and unsuspecting customers.
The voice activated special TD ATM engages in friendly banter with the customers. The thank you machine really seems to know about each person, from their favorite baseball team to the condition of a sick relative abroad. Caught off guard, the customers are in store for more surprises with a slot that opens to reveal meaningful gifts like a bouquet of flowers, a lollipop and even a family trip to Disney World. But what makes this video so magical is the timing, like when the man who received a baseball jersey and hat from his beloved team turns around to see one of the star players who invites him to throw out the opening pitch. Emotional moments filled with tears, smiles and joy are seen in this feel good video that is part of the #TDThanksYou campaign which stands by the belief that a thank you can change someone’s day.  

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