Australia's OzHarvest Super Market Lets You Pay What You Can

Because love has no expiry date

Jun 1, 2017

What if you could take what you need and give what you can when it came to super market shopping? This is the precise business model that a dynamic super market in Australia follows - offering patrons huge stocks of donated food and produce that would have otherwise gone to waste.

The 'rescued food' super market paired with the pay-what-you-can model is the first of its kind in Australia and so far OzHarvest Market has become an utter success. All the food and produce available is donated by local businesses around Sydney - from bakeries and cafes to food distributors and more - who have a surplus of food for a variety of reasons (like incorrect orders or a change in packaging, for example.)

And the win is twofold: for those who can donate, every dollar spent at OzHarvest is given back to the local community with two meals delivered to those in need.

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