The Baby-Friendly School That Turns Moms into Entrepreneurs

Say hello to the world’s first ever startup school for new moms.



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The Google Campus for Moms is a rare sight to behold. Mattresses and bean bags litter the room – most occupied by mothers, babies or both. One mom attends to her baby at the diaper-changing table off to the side, while another woman breastfeeds her child on a beanbag. But these moms aren’t here to discuss the newest stroller design or swap pregnancy stories - they’re here to become entrepreneurs.

Google Campus for Moms is a baby-friendly, Google-run, startup school for educating, engaging and empowering new moms to take a leadership role as entrepreneurs. Campus for Moms initially launched in Tel Aviv, Israel as means to help women on maternity leave get access to self-development and career support in the tech industry. The aim is to guide these women as they explore their professional goals and skills - all in a baby-friendly environment.

 Campus for Moms is like entrepreneurship bootcamp. The events, workshops, lectures and training sessions held throughout the course are led by successful entrepreneurs, investors, and technology experts. The topics covered include anything from personal success stories, to necessary financial and legal skills, to tech knowledge, such as cloud computing. At the end of the course, participants have the opportunity present their initiatives to venture capital funds and the course leaders.

By providing new moms with the tools and resources to become successful entrepreneurs, Google Campus for Moms is giving women a helping hand with other babies - budding startups.

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