The Bahamas Plays Host to an Awesome Good Deeds Day Project

Shari Arison to lead super cool delegation of volunteers who will help improve the grounds at a children’s home in Nassau

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(Good Deeds Day)

There's only one thing that could make spending a day in the tropical paradise of The Bahamas any better - doing something good for other people. That's exactly what a team of volunteers headed by businesswoman and philanthropist Shari Arison did on March 7 when they helped improve the grounds at the Elizabeth Estates Children's Home in Nassau. This example of good doing was a teaser for Good Deeds Day, which takes place internationally on March 9.
Initiated by Arison in 2007, Good Deeds Day is an annual celebration of good doing that sees thousands of people worldwide come together on one day to perform good deeds.
In The Bahamas, Arison was joined by volunteers from Miya Bahamas and The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) - just two of the 500 businesses in 50 countries participating in Good Deeds Day. Miya Bahamas is a satellite office of Miya - a global leader in urban water efficiency solutions.
The delegation met with the Prime Minister and his deputy in the morning, then received a tour of Miya Bahamas’ office and its work in the field. It then joined the team at Elizabeth Estates to help with making the home improvements.
As well as working hard on the day, Miya Bahamas also had volunteer teams out at the home throughout the week, to ensure that all of the necessary renovations and gardening could be finished.

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