The Barbie Doll That Celebrates Real Beauty

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Barbie dolls that celebrate diversity and all body types.

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Most Western women have fond memories of playing with Barbie as little girls. But the classic toy is also at the center of public discourse relating to the doll's unrealistic body proportions - this eye-opening infographic shows how implausible Barbie would be as a real woman. 

Enter blogger Nickolay Lamm, an artist and researcher who decided to put a positive spin on the issue by creating a "normal" - that is, realistically proportioned Barbie. Using a 3D-printed image of an average, healthy 19-year-old woman's body, Lamm made a doll which proves, in his words, that "average is beautiful." The project has received rave reviews across the media, and joins a chorus of campaigns to promote realistic perceptions of beauty.

While it's unlikely that we'll be seeing the product replacing the original any time soon, the point is crystal clear – and an important message for all women.

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