Barbie’s New Beach Makeover is Stunning for a Different Reason!

Mattel’s latest doll collection is playing by the ocean and loving it too.

Jul 26, 2021
Barbie’s New Beach Makeover is Stunning for a Different Reason! | Mattel’s latest doll collection is playing by the ocean and loving it too.

Toy brand Mattel’s commendable new Barbie makeover has the real interest of next gen kids, tweens and teens at heart. You heard right! She literally embodies the green concerns of Gen Z because she’s crafted from 90 percent “recycled ocean-bound plastic”. This is plastic waste that would have otherwise ended up polluting the ocean.

This news will be music to the ears of their young target market because surveys like a recent study from Cartoon Network commissioned by Warner Media prove that the health of the planet is already a top priority for kids aged 6-12 in many countries. And they want to be part of the solution! This survey shows that 78 percent of kids polled want to know more about climate change. And an even bigger 83 percent want to do more to help fight it by doing something positive to help the environment. 

As Richard Dickson, President and Chief Operating Officer, Mattel, explains in the brand’s media release: “This Barbie launch is another addition to Mattel’s growing portfolio of purpose-driven brands that inspire environmental consciousness with our consumer as a key focus.” 

So what makes the “Barbie Loves the Ocean” range of dolls so different? As Mattel explains in the brand’s release, the new summer-themed collection features three dolls whose bodies are made from 90 percent recycled plastic parts that would otherwise be discarded in the ocean. The accompanying accessories are similarly made from almost 100 percent recycled plastic. 

And Mattel is going the extra mile to ensure the range’s green credentials are carefully earned. A text alongside the range’s YouTube video also explains that “plastic parts [are] made from 90% plastic sourced within 50km of waterways in areas lacking formal waste collection systems.”

Accompanying the launch is a “The Future of Pink is Green” brand campaign. This is happening in partnership with 4ocean, a company on a declared “mission to end the ocean plastic crisis” through collaboration with business to discourage the use of single-use plastic. It does this by tracking the recovery of plastic from oceans, rivers and coastlines. Barbie fans are invited to order a recycled beaded bracelet with a pound of trash pulled from the ocean for every bracelet sold.

Mattel has also put together a new vlog series, “Barbie shares ways we can all protect the planet”. This taps into this growing youth environmental interest. It shows how kids can help in their homes, schools and neighborhoods by activities like conserving energy and composting.

Stressing the brand's new focus on environmental as well as educational progress, Dickson adds: “At Mattel, we empower the next generation to explore the wonder of childhood and reach their full potential. We take this responsibility seriously and are continuing to do our part to ensure kids can inherit a world that’s full of potential, too.”

Echoing this sentiment is a comment from Lisa McKnight, senior vice president and global head of Barbie and dolls at Mattel. She told Today that “Our efforts represent the next step in Barbie’s social mission and evolution… as we recognize that to truly show the next generation they can be anything, we must do our part in protecting the planet, reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable everyday behaviors, ensuring a better future for kids." 

Referring to the toy brand’s global reach and so potential to advance a more pro-environmental agenda, she also explains to that “we are passionate about leveraging the scope and reach of our global platform to inspire kids to be a part of the change they want to see in the world.”

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