The Billboard That’s Turning Heads - In a Good Way

Slovakia's Project Gregory wants to transform highway billboards into tiny houses for people living on the street.


A blank billboard to turn into something more.

(Odua Images /

You might not think that billboards have anything to do with people living on the street, but the young, savvy team behind Project Gregory sees things a little differently. The three Slovakian designers have an inspired vision - turn urban advertising spaces into tiny, triangular houses, to be used as housing for the homeless. The concept joins two fields of interest - architecture and social justice - and presents a solution which is as elegant and minimalistic as it is kind-hearted.
The creators reason that so much money is already invested into advertising and billboard construction - why not add the small cost of a simple wooden structure with a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom and try to make the world a better place?
Dubbed Good Billboards, the idea was born of a design project that went on to receive positive attention from all over the world. Emboldened by the response, the trio decided to start a Kickstarter campaign, to make the first prototype a reality and start installing the 2-in-1 structures across Slovakia, then Europe, and ultimately the whole world. If successful, the plan will be something of an “open source,” so that designers in different places can create versions of the billboard houses that are appropriate for local conditions - and change the lives of people living on the streets across the world.

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