Bob Dylan’s New Interactive Video is Genius

"Like A Rolling Stone" gets a makeover [VIDEO]

Nov 21, 2013


Bob Dylan, the man and the legend, is known for his iconic songs that speak to almost every generation. To coincide with the release of Dylan's 47-CD box set, his incredible 1965 track “Like a Rolling Stone” receives a 21st century makeover with an interactive video that will make your mouth drop.

As soon as you hit the play button, the music video takes the form of a TV set with rapidly switching channels. You, the viewer, are encouraged to flick through the 16 channels where you will find that every different show is lip syncing Dylan’s track in perfect timing. Whether you flip to a tennis game, the news, or a cooking show, the song seamlessly continues with exact synchronization.  

Interlude is the company responsible for this innovative entertainment, and with founder Yoni Bloch at the helm, is pioneering the field of interactive videos and teaching others how to magically create their own.

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