Brilliant 8-Year-Old UK Girl is Teaming Up With NASA

This astronaut in training is sending a personal item to the moon.

Jun 17, 2021


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Brilliant 8-Year-Old UK Girl is Teaming Up With NASA | This astronaut in training is sending a personal item to the moon.

Elizabeth Norman is not your usual 8-year-old. That’s because this Leicester, UK child is obsessed with space, especially anything lunar related. That’s why NASA is taking one of her prized possessions to the Moon.

She even launched a home-made model  Vulcan Centaur rocket from her yard, reported Metro, that soared over nine meters (30 feet) into the air. But that is just one of her accomplishments. Elizabeth became space obsessed after watching the news coverage of NASA’s Perseverance Rover being sent to Mars in July 2020.

After that, she threw herself into learning all about space and according to her parent’s Jennifer and Steve Norman, she always has a few science experiments going.  Elizabeth also set up her “Astro Liz” science-themed YouTube channel in July 2020 where she uploads educational videos.

But what does all of this have to do with NASA? Well, Elizabeth’s model rocket caught the attention of the makers of the real Vulcan Centaur – United Launch Alliance – so they contacted her according to MSN. This is the rocket that will carry the unmanned Peregrine Lunar Lander along with other equipment to Mars. It will also include a time capsule that includes mementos from private people like an Astro Liz sticker.

While other people are paying Astrobotic (NASA partner that made the lander) for space on the lunar lander and the time capsule, the sticker is going for no charge. 

Elizabeth’s mom told MSN, “None of us could believe it when we found out she would have the opportunity to make her mark on the Moon. For her to be included in such a historic moment is incredible. We truly believe she will go to space one day.”

Meanwhile, this brilliant girl recently completed a five-week NASA program where she carried out a virtual mission to Mars and her family was invited to go to Florida to watch the real mission launch that will occur in late 2021.

“I can’t wait to see a video of the capsule with my sticker on the moon taken by the lunar lander. Astrobotic is making my space dreams come true and I’m so excited to watch the launch – my friends are all excited for me,” Elizabeth told Metro.

“My goals for the future are to walk on the moon and to explore the highest mountain on Mars. I also hope I can fly on the Vulcan Centaur one day for myself – I already know what space snacks I want to bring!”

Her mother believes that Elizabeth will inspire other children with interest in space to follow in her footsteps. She said, “The sky isn’t even the limit for Elizabeth now.”

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