Building a Food Industry out of Bikes

The Food Bikery is looking to bring the culture of food bikes to the mainstream


Food bike.

(Buherchuk Bohdan /

Remember the days when the jingle of the neighborhood ice cream truck would send kids running out of their homes with bated breath as the proximity of a delicious chocolate popsicle loomed close? Food trucks have definitely made a comeback from the ice cream truck days, with delicious and exotic meals sold from vans in major cities, specifically in the United States.
Two men want to harness the popularity of food trucks with an environmental edge - by taking out the truck part, and inserting bicycles instead. The Food Bikery sees food bikes as a more viable option environmentally, as they leave a next-to-nothing carbon footprint, promote healthy living and are easier to maneuver. Additionally, compared to opening a restaurant or a food truck, food bikes are more affordable for those looking to make an entry into the food industry, creating respectable jobs for burgeoning entrepreneurs.
This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of food bikes - Goodnet favorite Wheely’s Café is already paving the way in Europe for sustainable coffee shops on wheels, joining a host of other businesses turning to bikes.
The Food Bikery is following close behind, having recently received funding from the University of California, Berkeley’s Green Initiative Fund to create a prototype to make the cooperative a legal foodservice platform. The movement is steadily growing and with initiatives like the Food Bikery, we hope to see the streets full of food bicycle vendors selling mouth-watering delicacies on every corner!

Learn more about the Food Bikery’s vision by watching this video:

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