Calling All Book Lovers: Please Leave Your Message after the Beep

Call Me Ishmael offers a novel way for people to share beautiful personal stories about the books they love

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Calling all book lovers.

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Love books? Love to celebrate literary masterpieces? Love to discover new and interesting reads? If you answered yes to at least one of the above questions, brand new storytelling website Call Me Ishmael will be just up your street. Inspired by the iconic opening line of American writer Herman Melville’s book Moby Dick, the website offers a platform to celebrate books and the spoken word in a simple yet original way - by leaving a voicemail. People dial up Ishmael and are invited to leave an anonymous voicemail about a book they love and a personal story. Ishmael then transcribes and shares at least one caller’s story every day resulting in a collection of beautiful intimate tales that are just as entertaining and moving as the books they're about. Call Me Ishmael is still in its early stages, but as it continues to grow, it looks set to be a firm favorite among fans of storytelling and those with an inquisitive mind.

Here is a video explaining a little more about how it works:

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