Canadian Family Hosts Good News Show, Spreading Cheer

Mom and her three children broadcast a “happy” channel online.

Jun 24, 2020


Canadian Family Hosts Good News Show, Spreading Cheer | Mom and her three children broadcast a “happy” channel online.

An Edmonton, Alberta mom is fulfilling a dream and spreading cheer all around her. Ingrid Howard, a mother of three from Edmonton recently decided that it was time to spread good news. An oncology nurse by day, she had dreamed of being a broadcast journalist so together with her children they created Happy News YEG (HNY).

HNY is an online show showcasing good news stories and events in the Edmonton area. Ingrid is the researcher, anchorwoman, and script writer. Ten-year-old Anika, nine-year-old Ines and younger brother Kellen, aged six, are the news correspondents.

"Now is a better [time] than ever to start something like this," Ingrid Howard said to CTV News. "There's so much positivity in the world, we just need to look around for it," she added. To date, there have been 16 editions of this sweet, cheerful show. The family has a unique opportunity of working, creating and sharing together and while delivering the good news, the excitement and smiles of the Howard family is palpable.

Another recent interview on HNY featured local radio host Jason Gregor from TSN 1260 talk radio station in Edmonton. Jason also likes to honor grads and has set up a fundraiser called Gregor’s Grads. The money he raises goes towards buying a new tailor-fitted suit, tie and shoes for male graduates who cannot afford to buy their own.

Another episode on HNY featured Jessica, a seamstress who decided to make her own hand-sewn face masks to give away to those in need. In the interview she explained that she had made over 170 masks in nine days. She refuses payment and asks people to donate money to the local food bank or offer her scraps of fabric in return.

As the happy news in Edmonton rolls in, awareness of all things good is spread by Ingrid and her crew. Ingrid explains that she will continue broadcasting as long as her children are on board. Given that they all approach their job with love and optimism, chances are the show will grow as will the good deeds they cover.

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