Chakra Healing: How to Open Your Crown Chakra

Connect to the divine by opening the crown chakra



Do you find yourself caught up in material things? Do you seek deeper meaning in life? Do you suffer from loneliness and alienation? Do you feel a lack of purpose? Do you feel spiritually disconnected?

A lack of spiritual connection points to an unbalanced crown chakra, also known as the Sahaswara chakra in Sanskrit. When in balance, you feel a strong sense of the divine. However, when blocked, people can feel lost in the illusions of the physical realm. 

What Is a Chakra?

The traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism propose that the physical and spiritual come together in the chakras. These seven spinning wheels of energy align along the spine. The seventh, and final chakra, called the Sahaswara chakra, sits at the crown of the head and relates to our higher selves.

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In Sanskrit, Sahaswara means the thousand petal lotus. It is the source of enlightenment and our connection to the divine. For beginners, this may seem intimidating to develop a sense of connection with the higher self. But with practice, the subtle energy of the crown chakra becomes stronger, allowing for a deeper connection to the realm of the divine.

The Crown Chakra at a Glance

Name in Sanskrit: Sahaswara meaning the thousand petal lotus
Location: The crown of the head
Color: Violet
Element: Cosmic energy
Signs of balance: Feelings of enlightenment and a spiritual connection to our higher selves
Signs of imbalance: Happiness depends on external conditions, existential depression, narrow mindedness, greed and materialism, excessive egoism. The imbalance of the crown chakra can also manifest physically through headaches, fatigue, and mental illness.

The Sahaswara chakra relates to cosmic energy. For most, the idea of the crown chakra may seem out of reach, reserved only for wise monks or gurus. However, each person has the power to connect to their higher selves little by little through meditation and healing.

How To Open the Crown Chakra

Burn Sahaswara incense and essential oils. 

Through aromatherapy, we can awaken the crown chakra and inspire connection with the divine energy. Connect to your crown chakra by burning enlightening aromas like myrrh, camphor, and frankincense.

Repeat positive affirmations about enlightenment and spiritual connection.

By repeating affirmations, we set intentions that break old habits and open our minds to new thoughts and experiences. To open the crown chakra, set aside time each day to repeat these affirmations out loud, in your head, or by writing them down. Below you can find some examples of affirmations to balance the crown chakra:

  • I feel connected to my higher self.
  • I am an extension of the universe.
  • I receive guidance from my higher self.
  • I am complete with the divine.

Practice postures that stabilize the crown chakra

Yoga helps connect the spiritual and physical of the body through postures, called asanas. Connecting to the breath while holding asanas helps to release tension and open the crown chakra. Such meditative poses include lotus or half-lotus, savasana, and tree pose. 

Reconnect with Your Innermost Self

Mindful breathing represents one form of meditation to help quiet the mind and open the crown chakra. Close the eyes while sitting in an upright crossed-legged position or laying on the back in savasana pose. Focus on the breath as you breathe in and breathe out. As thoughts arise, observe them, and let them pass. Over time, you experience a sense of spirituality that exists as we connect to our divine selves.

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