Cheeky Parrot Captures a “Bird’s-Eye View” of Nature

Mischievous bird accidentally became a nature photographer when it tried to make a getaway with a family’s action camera!

Mar 27, 2022
Cheeky Parrot Captures a “Bird’s-Eye View” of Nature | Mischievous bird accidentally became a nature photographer when it tried to make a getaway with a family’s action camera!

Fiordland National Park in New Zealand has it all. This pristine nature sanctuary has extensive and scenic fjords (glacier formed inlets bookmarked by mountainous cliffs). Fiordland also boasts lakes, waterfalls, rainforests, and native species that are found nowhere else in the world.

There are many ways that tourists can experience the unique Fiordland vistas and meet its flora and fauna up close. Miles and miles of trails beckon hikers, boaters, and holiday go-ers.

But the holidaying Verheul family got to experience the park from a whole new perspective. They were treated to a literal bird’s-eye view, when a kea stole their GoPro.

The feathery fiend!
The Kea, a troublesome species of parrot in New Zealand, is famous for swiping wallets, lunches, and jewelry from surprised tourists, The Guardian reports.

When stopping at a hut on the remote Kepler Track trail in Fiordland, New Zealand, the Verheul family got more than they bargained for when assailed by a persistent kea. The crooked kea flew off with the prize in its claws- a GoPro camera.

Travel and Leisure quotes Alex Verheul, “It was a beautiful day so we were just sitting around, just watching the birds playing with everyone's packs when my son decided to go put the GoPro on the handrail. And he [the kea] promptly stole it." 

The family chased after the parrot, who abandoned its prize on some rocks only a few minutes later. One of the Verheul boys retrieved the camera.

To everyone’s surprise, the GoPro had been filming the whole time. Footage of the scenic New Zealand landscape from above and the mischievous kea from close up went viral, making this thieving critter the newest nature photographer. 

Bird of the Year
But this isn’t the first time a kea has made headlines. Now to Love  reports that the cheeky parrot won Bird of the Year in 2017. 

There’s a lot to love about this one-and-a-half-foot tall parrot, who is making a comeback from its endangered status. 

For example, this isn’t the kea’s first run in with the law. The kea, who’s scientific name means “notable bird” is known for stealing small items

In 2009, a kea even stole a tourist’s passport. Stuff reports that it cost the Scotsman $400 to get a new one. This is the only known case of avian identity theft.

The opportunity to spot one of these “notable birds” is certainly a good reason to visit the Fiordlands National Park in New Zealand. 

But if you do visit, don’t put your GoPro down, and keep a firm grip on your wallet. Or you could be the next victim of a pirating parrot. 

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