Children's Stories Turned into Plays

Story Pirates redefine child play

May 16, 2012

Image from Flickr user 92YTribeca

Story Pirates brings the creative writing of elementary school children to life on stage, through boisterous musical comedy sketches performed by professional actors, comedians, puppets and even the occasional celebrity, such as Conan O’Brien and funnyman Jon Stewart. The group taps into the wild and often hilarious imagination of kids, encouraging creative expression and reinforcing the notion that children’s ideas and words have value.
This energetic troupe does a myriad of educational activities from conducting creative writing workshops to performing all over the country for diverse audiences — from toddlers to adults. Youngsters are welcome to submit stories that will later be staged, but with one stipulation: no editing help from parents!
Story Pirates sprouted in 2003 with only 12 members, but the project has grown considerably and is now active in over 150 schools across the nation, with home bases in New York City and Los Angeles. [Source: Story Pirates]

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