China’s Newest Solar Power Plant is as Playful as they Come

When cute meets conservation

(China Merchants New Energy/Panda Green Energy)

(Stuart Jenner/ )

Solar power is great. It's cheap, infinitely available, and fairly simple to harvest. The only real downside to large solar power farms is that they are not exactly the most visually pleasing and take up a lot of space. A solar power plant in Datong, China decided to forgo the typical grid layout for something a little more eye catching.

China Merchants New Energy Group (CMNEG), a clean energy operator, designed their 248-acre solar farm in the shape of a giant panda.

The Panda Power Plant will produce 3.2 billion kilowatt hours of solar energy in 25 years and will significantly lessen the amount of coal needed to produce electricity, while at the same time reducing carbon emissions by 2.74 million tons.

In addition to creating the playful panda solar field, China Merchants New Energy Group also collaborates with the United Nations to educate China’s younger generations about the necessity of clean air.

Within the next five years, CMNEG aims to build more panda-shaped plants throughout the country to raise the percentage of solar power in China's energy grid.

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