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Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square will turn into a hub of goodness on March 20

Mar 20, 2012

Good Deeds Day is a massive celebration of goodness.

Can you imagine an entire country devoted to a celebration of doing good all at the same time? Today, March 20, Israel is celebrating Good Deeds Day, wherein people across the country volunteer in a plethora of projects for the benefit of others. Good Deeds Day in Israel is the seed of the international Good Deeds Day, which will take place March 25, of which we talked about here

While most activities are pre-organized and volunteers need to sign up in advance, Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square will allow for for random acts of goodness by passersby. The activity will take a social-environmental vibe and will include various stations dedicated to giving, donating and doing for others. 
What’s in store? Female designers of disadvantaged backgrounds will sell traditional-themed knick-knacks and hand-crafted accessories. Top-tier hair designers will stylishly beautiful way to do good for others is the opportunity to donate hair for wigs for cancer-ridden patients - stylishly cut by leading hair designers. Adding a touch of liveliness and exuberance to the event, singers with special needs will take to the stage and perform to the masses. The square will also host a a recycling station, special booth for registration for organ donation, and a spot for clothes donation for charity.
Are you inspired yet? March 20 is Good Deeds Day in Israel. If you're around - hop on the goodness bandwagon. 

Note: Goodnet is part of the Arison Group, initiator of Good Deeds Day.  

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