The Cleanest Way to Do Laundry

Earth Berries Soap Nuts are 100% natural


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Laundry is a multi-step chore that includes washing, drying, folding and eventually putting away. One way to simplify the laundry process is Earth Berries Soap Nuts, an organic product that both cleans clothes and makes the planet greener with every wash. Earth Berries Soap Nuts leave a minimal carbon footprint as the berries are 100% biodegradable and come in a reusable cotton bag, eliminating the use of plastic detergent bottles.  
Canadian native Karen Salcedo discovered the magical fruit, similar to lychee, in India and Nepal where it grows on trees. Karen wanted to make a product that not only helped the environment but also benefitted people, choosing to work with a supplier in the Himalayas who employs locals to deseed and ship the soap nuts.
Considering that one load of wash uses 40 gallons of water, it’s helpful to know that there are environmentally-friendly alternatives to getting your clothes so fresh and so clean.

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