Coming to a City near You: The Portable Farm Controlled by a Smartphone

Learn all about how startup Freight Farms is making commercial-scale agriculture accessible to locals

Today's farm.

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What if there was a fully functioning farm down the street that could be powered by a smartphone? Sounds a bit far fetched, right? Well, this is now a reality thanks to startup Freight Farms who are making modern portable growing systems that can produce fresh local food all year round. Known as Leafy Green Machines (LGM), the 40-foot-long shipping containers provide an alternative to relying on food trucked or flown in from warmer climates by allowing farming to take place anywhere, including urban areas. Each LGM is climate-controlled, lit by LED lights and digitally monitored, meaning freight farmers can view inside and make necessary adjustments from the palm of their hands by using a smartphone. As well as giving local people the opportunity to supply fresh local-grown food in a sustainable way, LGMs are also good for the environment because they require no pesticides or herbicides and operate with limited access to water. Capable of cultivating over 3,600 types of plants, these leafy, green plant growing machines may well revolutionize the way we look at local produce from now on.

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