The Company That’s Making Your Favorite Candy Healthy

UNREAL is taking the junk out of junk food

Candy doesn't have to be junk food.

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A 13-year old kid has turned the candy industry on its head by coming up with a way to take the junk out of junk food. The finished product is called UNREAL and boasts the healthier equivalents to M&Ms, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers and more. All of UNREAL’s candies contain zero artificial ingredients, corn syrup, GMOs, or preservatives. The good-for-you alternative is also socially conscious and sources all of their cacao beans from farms in Ghana and Ecuador that have been vetted for human rights and best growing practices. Each gluten-free treat uses real ingredients like cane sugar, grass fed dairy, sustainable palm oil and natural coloring.
The candy revolution was sparked by Nicky Bronner, who after a successful Halloween trick-or-treating, found that his father had thrown out all of his precious sweet loot deeming it unhealthy. Nicky was intent on proving his dad wrong, which set his family on a journey to Europe where his mission to create nutritious candy was taken on by professors and chefs. Gaining mainstream popularity, UNREAL can only be found in stores throughout the United States. But with all the positive buzz it’s getting, the sweet goods will hopefully be traveling across the ocean to satisfy those craving a wholesome alternative.

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