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Consumers today care more than ever about the values that drive the businesses they buy from - needing the confirmation that their money is spent by well-meaning companies, and is geared towards creating a world that is more in tune with their own values.
Enter Carrotmob, a revolutionary platform that replaces boycotting with monetary rewards for green businesses.
Carrotmob seeks to influence businesses with organized campaigns that use consumer power - that is, money - by rewarding businesses for taking active steps for the environment. Carrotmob is a digital hub for running and taking part in these campaigns, which take place worldwide: from Australia and South Africa to the States and Scandinavia. Current campaigns on Carrotmob include an Australian cafe that promises to install solar panels on their roof and a Missouri pub committed to building a hydroponic greenhouse if 200 people drop by the bar. [Source: Carrotmob]

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