Cozy Cardio: the New Exercise Craze

Find joy and tranquility where wellness and workouts align.



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Although the words “cozy” and “cardio” may seem like oxymorons and terms that shouldn’t even be used in the same sentence, apparently Cozy Cardio has been taking TikTok and social media by storm, and for good reason. The idea is you can find joy and enjoyment in your workouts and even call it self care. Say goodbye to forcing yourself to exercise and hello to scented candles and self love with this wholesome and positive fitness trend.

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What is cozy cardio
“Cozy Cardio” was coined by the now viral TikTok content creator, Hope Zuckerbrow who decided to heal her relationship with exercise and start to enjoy movement again, says the Tom’s Guide media platform. The term is a way to describe doing exercise in a pleasurable way, for example, preparing your favorite coffee-protein drink before and having it handy, lighting some scented candles and dimming the lights, setting up a screen with your favorite TV show or movie, and doing your cardio workout routine in a setting that allows you to feel pampered and cared for.

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Cardio is hard, and it can definitely get sweaty and intense and possibly monotonous and boring. With cozy cardio, you can still get the same fitness and health benefits, while changing the setting and environment to make the experience more pleasurable and…cozy. No need to run to the gym, says TODAY,  it can all be done in the comfort of your own cozy home, while wearing your fluffy slippers.

Health benefits of cozy cardio
Forbes reports that it isn’t surprising that Zuckerbrow’s videos went viral, seeing as there is something super appealing and wholesome about seeing someone exercise in their fluffy robe, holding a delicious drink in their hand. It looks approachable, doable and might even convince the most hardocre workout haters to give it a go.

The bottom line is this: cozy cardio allows you to get your regular workout in, so the health benefits are the same! All you are doing is adding some elements to the ambiance, infusing a touch of romance to the experience and acknowledging that you are worth it. You deserve to enjoy exercising. You deserve to have a positive relationship with your body. You are worthy of it.

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