Cracking the Code

User-friendly computer programming workshops for women

Mar 15, 2012

Code made easy. (Image: from n3wjack on Flickr)

It was a simple tweet about the need for women to be more fluent in computer code that started the Ladies Learning Code non-profit in Toronto. Providing beginning workshops in JavaScript, HTML and Photoshop to name a few, LLC has become a comfortable learning and meeting space for women to study the building blocks of computer programming.

Q&A: Time to Shine, Ladies! Learning Code in Canada 

Citing the need to break the male dominated tech field, LLC encourages women to embrace technology, and dive into it head first. To that end, they even created a camp, Girls Learning Code, directed to 11-14 year old girls to “use technology as a medium for self-expression, and as a means for changing the world.” [Source: Ladies Learning Code]

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[Image: from n3wjack on Flickr]