Creating a Generation of Future Leaders

Growing Leaders is a Gen Y-focused nonprofit


Future leaders.

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Generation Y or Millennials - folks born between 1984 to 2002 - have been getting some mixed reviews. On one hand, Generation Y-ers are labeled as entitled, helpless and accustomed to instant gratification - thanks largely to our handy electronic devices and the Internet. In the same breath, Millennials are considered the most educated group of people to date and have a large sense of empathy towards social causes. Considering that today, almost one half of the world’s population is 21 years-old or younger, Generation Y has a lot of pull and influence.  
Growing Leaders is tapping into that potential by working exclusively with young people to create the future leaders of tomorrow. The nonprofit, helmed by Dr. Tim Elmore, developed and employs a special curriculum called Habititudes which uses images and stories to impart leadership values. Guided by the philosophy that every child has leadership qualities, Growing Leaders works with over 7,000 organizations, including teachers, parents and mentors, to help this unique generation of young people find their footing and rise to meet their full potential – no matter what the naysayers might think.

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