Creating Peace through Facebook Walls

PeaceTube: the no-barrier app

Apr 15, 2013
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Connecting with people from other countries and cultures is as accessible as your laptop - thanks to the encompassing power of social media. Facebook, which now has over 1 billions users, is a digital cosmos in and of itself, where political and cultural rules from the offline world have lesser bearing. The availability, accessibility and ease of interaction can form magic. PeaceTube is a Facebook app in the works, whose goal is to forge connections between people from two sides of political or national rivalries. The app relies on the notion that we are all humans, with common needs and desires, and creates the right environment for an open dialogue between people who would otherwise, offline, never interact.  
Wishing to leave fear and barriers outside of digital interaction, PeaceTube, once launched, is essentially a chat app with added value: once a PeaceTube user logs into the app, the system randomly and anonymously introduces the user to another person from a different country. The two can now get to know each via chat, form a connection, find common ground, and even take the next step - reveal their Facebook identities, and even become full-fledged Facebook friends.
Peace - at the end of the day, it's about people. Why not start with people? [Source: PeaceTube]

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