Creating Young Female Engineers One Toy at a Time

GoldieBlox: Engineering toys for girls


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Engineering is a male dominated field: only 11% of engineers are females. This statistic does not sit well with engineer Debbie Sterling, so the Stanford University alumna decided to do what all engineers do: fix the situation and build a product.

To pique the interest of young girls and get them to discover the world of creative building, Sterling created GoldieBlox - a construction toy and book series, featuring a young girl named Goldie - a jack of all trades who loves to build things.

Sterling dug deep into the psyche of her target market, and found that girls aged 5-9 typically connect with stories and reading. Hence, instead of merely splashing the toy with pink and sparkles, Sterling created a three-part book series accompanied by construction toys with which girls read and build along with Goldie, the heroine.

GoldieBlox started as a Kickstarter project where it was successfully funded: it's now in it’s final stages of production but folks can already start to pre-order the toy. Sterling aims to change the statistics by showing that building, inventing and engineering is definitely for girls who want to have fun.

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