Creative Volunteering

Bingo Lingo: How Time-Pressed Pros Can Do Good

Jan 16, 2012

Image from the Sparked website

Beautifully crafted website, Sparked, allows even “Busy people like you” (that’s Sparked lingo), to help out and be useful. It’s a captivating notion, since, frankly, we’re all terribly busy, and yet we all really want to help out. Bingo: we’re immediately hooked.
So here’s the deal: Sparked first asks you what causes fire you up. Then you’re asked to to define what you’re good at - from copyrighting and computer programming to marketing and design. Armed with this information, Sparked then goes and gleans out a series of assignments, based on your skill set and your interests, that you should be able to do, for free. Say you’re a copywriter, then you’d be offered to write a letter for a fund or create a captivating slogan for a charity. Yes, it’s work, definitely, it’s an effort - but it’s accessible, at your fingertips. Why not do it?
We’re hooked. No, we’re sparked.