A Crowd of Skiing Santas Spreads Christmas Cheer and Goodwill!

This stunning holiday tradition is back to help kids enjoy outdoor fun.

Dec 10, 2021
A Crowd of Skiing Santas Spreads Christmas Cheer and Goodwill! | This stunning holiday tradition is back to help kids enjoy outdoor fun.

Hundreds of flamboyant skiing and snowboarding Santas gathered to turn the freshly-powdered slopes of Maine’s Sunday River Ski Resort a seasonal crimson in early December. This Santa Sunday event marked the return of an amazing Christmas tradition, raising funds to support local educational recreation programs for kids, while painting the town red in the process!

The AP news agency reported that a sea of people of all ages clad in Santa suits, hitched a ride on the ski lifts, and descended the mountains, criss-crossing the snowy slopes as their long beards fluttered in the icy December wind. 

Several keen-eyed commentators including the Economic Times, noticed that “At least one green-costumed Grinch snuck his way into the mix, disguised in Santa's coat and hat.”

Helping kids this Christmas
The posse of colorful Santas was not in evidence in 2020, due to the Pandemic, but the hills of the resort in the Maine town of Newry were alive with smiling Santas in full seasonal garb of white beards, red hats and red outfits again this year. They were there to launch the winter season, raising funds for nonprofit, The River Fund Maine.

This  organization, in its mission to help kids build the foundations for future careers they enjoy, uses recreational assets to help them learn how to lead, follow and work as an effective team.

Before dashing through the snow, each participating Santa was asked to donate a minimum amount, to help support the fundraising efforts. Sums raised totalled several thousand dollars and counting.

Santa Sunday participants share their joy!
Several Santas out of the 232 taking part, couldn’t hide their delight and shared their joy. One very happy young Santa tells CBS Boston in our video that “You’re like breezing down the mountain and you could feel the snow going across your face and all the Santas look like red jelly beans!”

Meanwhile, a female Santa turns out to be a loyal Santa Sunday fan: “I’ve been here for the last 17 years participating in the event because it’s the best way to start the season!”

Young video maker, Human Hotdog, announcing that “Vlogmas” has arrived once again, shared his exhilaration at getting involved: “This was my first day at Skiing and Snowboarding this season and it was a blast.  So cool to see all these people dress up as Santa to raise money for The River Fund that supports kids' education in Western Maine,” he said.

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