The Crowdfunding Platform That Builds Homes for Haitians

New Story provides safety and security to families left homeless after the 2010 earthquake.


A new home where all family members can thrive. (TravnikovStudio /

Home is where the heart is” is the backbone of New Story, a crowdfunding platform that raises money to build homes for families in need. The beautiful website operates primarily in Haiti, where millions of people were left without homes and relegated to temporary tent cities after the 2010 earthquake.

New Story figured out that it takes just $6,000 to change a family’s life for the better and construct a simple home with four walls and a roof. One hundred percent of all donations goes directly to each project, and New Story encourages people to pledge their birthday and start their own campaign. These donations help people like Adeline and her husband Nocles and their three children, who lost their home in the 2010 earthquake and have been living in a tent for the past five years. The family suffered from severe headaches and eye problems as a result of living in the tent, and the kids were finding it hard to study. Through New Story, Adeline and her family now live in a solid house, which all family members are proud to call home.

The crowdfunding platform is the brainchild of Brett Hagler and Mike Arrieta, founded after an eye-opening volunteering trip to Haiti in 2012. The pair quickly took action and created New Story, with Matthew Marshall and Alexandra Lafci joining the team. The awesome foursome has already placed 90 families in permanent housing due to the generous funding of everyday donors who recognize the importance of what New Story is trying to achieve. New Story partners with the nonprofit Mission of Hope, which hires Haitian contractors to build the new homes, providing work and wages for locals on the ground.

With each home constructed, New Story creates a new reality for a displaced family, providing a real solution to homelessness and helping families thrive in a healthy and sanitary environment - home sweet home. 

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