Crowdfunding Service for Bookworms Only

Readers can back the books they want to read

Support books.

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Just as Indiegogo and Kickstarter helped thousands of innovators around the world get funding in recent years, a new website called Unbound is looking out for authors. The funky site encourages writers to pitch ideas for books, and supporters to choose which ones get written.
Like other crowdfunding sites, Unbound offers different levels of support according to the amount pledged. Backers then get goodies like a hardcover copy of the book, invitations to the launch party, or a private lunch with the author. On top of supporting authors, users on the site can buy finished books or bundles – such as the "fiction bundle" and the "humor bundle."
With the rise of the lightening speed digital sphere, mobile devices and e-readers, we love that Unbound is encouraging writers to spend time and effort on long-form projects.

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