The Daily Email That’s Changing the World - 25 Cents at a Time

Good St. subscribers donate to a different cause every day, just by clicking on a daily email.

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"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."
This weighty Helen Keller quote is the most recent post on up-and-coming nonprofit Good St.'s Facebook page – and it's perfect. Founded by a small group of US college students, Good St. is a subscription charity email platform via which members donate a recurring 25¢ (or more!) a day to different causes around the world.
After signing up and selecting a donation amount, users receive a daily email showcasing the cause of the day – for example conserving the rainforest or promoting female education in Kenya. Subscribers are then prompted to choose between two charities which address that cause in a different way. On the off chance that one particular cause doesn't resonate, users can "rollover" funds to the next day.
Though still in its startup phase, the nonprofit is already directing tens of thousands of dollars in donations to a host of worthy causes. And equally important – Good St. is fostering a community of good doers, joining together virtually to create positive impact.

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