Dance Game Becomes More Accessible

This popular dancing game is on the way to becoming available to all.



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Just Dance, the popular dance platform by Ubisoft is working on becoming more and more accessible. Starting in 2009 on Wii and now available on other consoles, streaming devices and on PC, the game could be played and enjoyed by so many people worldwide.  According to Dance Magazine, more than 140 million people around the world have played this game!  And now, it will be able to be used and enjoyed by people in wheelchairs as well.

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More than a game
Just Dance is more than just a game. According to Screen Rant, you can compete with other players, dance with multiple players at once, choose to have coaches and have a big variety of tracks and choreographies to choose from. Just one look at the Just Dance website and videos on YouTube show how big their fan base is. And for good reason. 

The platform is vibrant and dynamic and can get you to dance in the comfort of your own living room. Their choreographed routines are set to popular songs, and their motion-tracking technology can make you feel like it is a complete interactive experience. They are constantly updating their content and adding more songs and artists to their platform. They can literally provide you with hours of dancing and entertainment.

Becoming more accessible and inclusive
Physical activity is important for everyone. So when it comes to a platform like Just Dance, some may say it is their duty to cater to as many people as possible. According to Medium, more than 420 million gamers have disabilities. The fact that Just Dance will now be available for people on wheelchairs is a big technical milestone, and a step in the right direction for representation of diverse and disabled people in the gaming community and in the world. 

The importance of accessibility in games and gaming cannot be overstated. Representation is important. Hopefully Ubisoft will be an example to other games and to the interactive entertainment industry so more companies can follow suit. Most people can enjoy dancing, and most people can enjoy playing other games as well. 

It may be technically difficult to make a game 100 percent accessible, reports the BBC. However, prioritizing accessibility will enrich the gaming landscape and make it a more empathetic and inclusive atmosphere for everyone. And although there is still a long way to go, it seems like things are changing. In a good way.

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