Dance Your Way to Fitness With Zumba

Fun and fitness all at once.


Zumba combines exercise and dance.

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Zumba is the dance and exercise craze that has been sweeping the nation since the 1990’s. It;s fun. It’s upbeat. And it gets you moving

This high-intensity workout was created by Alberto Perez, a Colombian celebrity fitness trainer, according to Everyday Health. Although it’s designed as a workout, some describe it as a “dance party,” where participants move to the beat of the music, according to the choreography demonstrated by the trainer.

No matter what age or fitness level you’re at, Zumba offers something for everyone! With its focus on cardio training, combined with moves designed specifically to target key muscle groups throughout the body, it provides for an effective full-body workout while having fun.Here are four benefits of doing Zumba.
Works out the Whole Body

Some exercises and sports are great for working out your arms, your legs, your core, or any other specific muscle group. Zumba, gets the whole body moving, and works out all the major muscle groups, according to Healthline. It also adapts itself to any fitness level, so as participants get fitter, they can reap even more muscle-building benefits.

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Builds Stamina
Zumba’s upbeat music and fast-paced dances get you up and moving. And then keep you moving until the end of the class. This gets your body used to sustaining aerobic activity and builds stamina. In fact, an observational study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, found that just 12 weeks of Zumba is correlated with having heart rate and systolic blood pressure that remain low during heavy work. These findings are consistent with improved endurance and stamina. 

Helps heart health
Zumba can give you a cardio workout, according to Healthline. For maximum cardiovascular benefits, people working out need to raise their heart rate or oxygen volume to a specific  level. A study from the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, conducted on women who participated in a 12-week Zumba program found, that the women had decreased blood pressure levels 

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Encourages socializing
Socializing isn’t just important for mental health, it can actually help with sticking with an exercise plan by creating accountability. Also, the presence of a licensed trainer ensures that workouts are safe and well-designed. And, spending time dancing and moving without others is fun. What’s not to love?

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