A Day in London - Via 1017 Instagram Photos [VIDEO]

Peek into the day-to-day life in London, courtesy of social media.

Dec 11, 2014

Wake up, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, read the paper, drink coffee, walk to work. Pretty standard, right? Whip out your Oyster card, glance over at the Tower Bridge, Big Ben and the Gherkin. Wait, what?
Unless you’re a Londoner, your morning routine likely takes a different turn somewhere around the coffee part - and you probably don’t eat a full English breakfast, either.
This pumping one-and-a-half minute clip tells the story of day-to-day life in the original Big Smoke, courtesy of 1017 photos from Instagram sewed together by filmmaker Lorenzo Antico. The video is another beautiful example of how social media makes the world smaller and more accessible, connecting people from the far corners of the world in unique and intimate ways.

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