The Day That Everyone on the Train Wore a Turban [VIDEO]

A celebration of multiculturalism in Oslo, Norway.

Aug 11, 2016

In a beautiful example of "putting yourself in someone else's shoes", the Norwegian Sikh community came up with a brilliant way to welcome Norwegians to taste their traditions. Originally hailing from Pakistan and northern India, both male and female Sikhs must cover their hair with a turban as part of their religion. This year's Turban Day, spearhead by Sikh youth in Oslo, fostered a sense of heightened understanding of the local Sikh community, and attracted over 10,000 people in Oslo.

Although the day has been celebrated internationally for over 10 years, this year's Norwegian event produced a heart-warming video of the festivities, which took place at the Oslo Airport train terminal in collaboration with Flytoget, the Airport Express Train. The Scandinavian company offered free rides to those wearing a turban. So Sikh volunteers set up shop with thousands of colorful wraps to get passersby outfitted in their most signature garb.

Everyone from rough and tough Harley's Angels to firefighters and children donned the head gear. The result? An uplifting day filled with Indian food, fun and turbans that brought people together in a playful community atmosphere, making for memorable moments of inclusion and appreciation for cultural differences.

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