Develop Positive Habits With the Help of This Awesome App

Start a healthy habit Today

Apr 24, 2017
Today helps you develop and maintain healthy habits.

Today helps you develop and maintain healthy habits. (Prostock-studio /

Starting healthy habits is the easy part, keeping them is what usually becomes the challenge. Luckily, Neybox Digital is giving us all a digital push in the right direction with a little app called Today. The app tracks your habits with data, milestone features, notes, streak calendars, tips, and more to make keeping habits engaging and fun.

Today uses a mindful approach, incorporating positive reinforcement to help users stick with their habits. Beautiful photo covers that can be set as visual triggers inspire people to remember their goals, while milestone cards analyze habits and create achievements.

Because the app is all about healthy encouragement, users can even earn badges for their success and rewards for progress. With the help of Today, anyone can start, track, and stay motivated to focus on those healthy habits.

Today is available in the Apple AppStore.

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