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Library For All is a digital collection of books and educational materials made accessible with the help of low-cost mobile phones.


Digital books.

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In most developing countries, books are hard to find and learning resources are limited. Library For All is on a mission to bridge the gap, by bringing relevant e-books and educational content to one place in easily accessible digital library.
The organization began when Library For All co-founder Rebecca moved to Haiti from Australia after the 2010 earthquake. After living there for three years, she was struck by seeing hundreds of children with a desire to learn - with only a small pile of books to share between them. This spurred her to find a way to put educational materials into the hands of people in need, harnessing the power of mobile networks to create a collection of books for children and adults.  

Library For All is based in the cloud allowing users an unlimited supply of content through mobile phone networks. The platform can work with almost any system and can be accessed from a wide-range of low-cost tablets or mobile phones.
The initiative is a group effort and the nonprofit partners with other existing organizations and NGOS located in developing countries who can bring the technology straight to those who can use it. Beyond that, Library For All’s partners curate the content to make sure that it fits the right educational and cultural needs of each country in their own language.
Now being used in Haiti, the Democratic Republic of Congo and with plans to reach Rwanda, the digital library is really for all, creating a legion of eager, educated and well-read children and adults across the world.

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