The Digital Marketplace Where Urban Farmers Come to Trade

Ripe Near Me: a website for those growing produce locally to share it with their neighbors

Home grown produce.


People in urban areas are increasingly using their backyards, roofs and balconies to grow fresh food locally, turning traditional food supply systems on their head. Produce-sharing website Ripe Near Me gives these backyard farmers a chance to sell, or simply give away their offerings to others in the neighborhood. Whether it's homegrown herbs or fresh fruits and veggies, users post about what they are growing and indicate whether it's available for free, to swap or at a price. Users can search the digitized local urban farmer's market based on what they are looking for, receiving notifications when the harvest is ripe and available for pick up. Ripe Near Me not only encourages the environmentally-friendly practice of  growing of fresh produce, but it's also a great way for local people to get to know each other and share their passion for home-grown food.

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