Discover the Future of Healing with Innovative Bone Replacement Technology

Bonus Biogroup's tissue regeneration revolution.

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Imagine a world where damaged or lost bone tissue can be seamlessly replaced within weeks, leaving no trace of its absence. This groundbreaking vision is becoming a reality, thanks to Israeli medtech company Bonus Biogroup's pioneering work in tissue regeneration, No Camels reports. 

Growing live human tissue in vitro
Bonus Biogroup has developed a cutting-edge approach to growing live human tissue in vitro, outside the body, using systems that mimic our natural biological processes. Dr. Tomer Bronstein, the company's VP of Business Development, explains that this innovation holds immense potential for millions of people suffering from bone loss due to trauma, osteoporosis, or cancer.

“Until now, the gold standard for patients who have lost bone tissue was to take a bone from one location in the body and to move it into the graft location. For example, if you’re losing bone in the lower jaw, you can take one of the ribs, cut it and put it over there. And it’s being done in millions of patients every year worldwide,” Bronstein told No Camels. 

Traditionally, bone replacement involved taking bone tissue from one part of the body and transplanting it into the damaged area. While effective for smaller tissue volumes, this method often left gaps in the donor site for larger tissue needs. Bonus Biogroup's proprietary BonoFill platform revolutionizes this process by utilizing the patient's own "damage control" cells, known as mesenchymal cells (MSCs), which can regenerate bone, cartilage, and fat tissues.

The procedure involves growing these cells in vitro to the required specifications and then injecting the newly formed tissue into the bone gap. The result is a seamless repair that integrates completely with the patient's body, leading to full and lasting healing.

Bonus Biogroup's success stories speak volumes about the transformative impact of this technology. Patients who previously faced amputation or prolonged disabilities due to bone injuries have regained full functionality and even participated in physically demanding activities like Ironman competitions.

Earning international recognition
The company's advancements extend beyond bone regeneration. BonoFill has shown promising results in facial reconstructions, with a 90 percent success rate in phase two clinical trials. The company is now entering phase three trials in the US, aiming for FDA approval.

This dedication has earned them international recognition, including the prestigious Cell Therapy Biotech Innovation Award.

As Bonus Biogroup continues to push boundaries in tissue engineering, the future holds immense promise for enhanced medical treatments, including potential applications in organ transplantation and mitigating deadly inflammation in respiratory diseases.

The journey towards seamless healing and transformative medical solutions underscores Israel's leadership in biotechnology and sets a new standard for regenerative medicine worldwide.

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