Discover the Good Doing Book That You Must Read Today [QUIZ]

Find out which inspirational book you need to check out to unleash your inner good doer

Aug 26, 2014

Reading is one of the best ways to strengthen your brain, and research has shown that sinking your teeth into a good book can cause increased connectivity in the brain and also increase muscle memory. But finding that captivating book that will make you want to read for hours on end is not the simplest of tasks. You can always receive recommendations from friends, but how about going a bit deeper and figuring out what really speaks to you? This fun quiz is looking to find out what your inner good doer is most passionate about. The results will reflect where you good doing energies lay by offering an incredible book suggestion that will motivate and inspire you. Each answer is tailored to your own particular tastes but with that good doing edge that makes this quiz so unique. Now all that is left to do is press play to discover which book you need to read to inspire your inner good doer and perhaps change the world!