Discover Which Creative Genius Is Most Like You [QUIZ]

Discover who matches your imaginative spirit

Sep 10, 2014

Can you imagine a world without art, music, drama or literature? Seems impossible right? Well thankfully there are a number of creative legends out there who, through their art, have influenced popular culture, and have forever altered the way people interact, dress, communicate and see the world. While you can probably name off countless well-known artists, imagination does thrive everywhere, and within the world of creation there is room for everyone to share their voice and vision.
Which artist most inspires you? Where do you find your creative spark? What motivates you to express yourself and how? The 21st century is inspired by originators of the past, and is awesomely shaped by the technological advancements of the twentieth century. So unleash that ingenious creature inside of you and really take a moment to get in tune with your imaginative side by discovering which creative genius is most like you.  

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