Disney Brings Its Magic to Children’s Hospitals

Disney is working with a panel of medical experts, including doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, parents and child life professionals from around the world, to advise on the best ways Disney can help hospitals create a more personalized and comforting experience for patients and families.


(Bonsales / Shutterstock.com)

Disney is bringing a sense of magic to children’s hospitals around the world. The Walt Disney Company will donate more than $100 million over the next five years, to transform a usually cold, sterilized hospital experience into one that’s warm, supportive, and joyful.

As part of Disney’s program, patients can customize their visit through a RFID system by picking a theme according to their favorite Disney characters and movies, and enjoying interactive murals inside patient and treatment rooms. To help patients to feel more comfortable in the hospital, they’re also swapping out the standard white bedsheets for sheets printed with their favorite characters and bland hospital gowns for ones with more personality.

When children need a distraction, Disney’s play carts filled with Disney-themed games and activities help families connect and destress. In addition, families and patients can visit one of many themed pop-up movie theaters inside the hospital, or watch movies and tv shows from their room.

And the transformation goes well beyond entertainment. To make patients feel as safe and comfortable as possible, Disney Institute created a program for healthcare practitioners that teaches them how to create a calm, “family-centric” experience, sono matter the situation, all visitor experiences are filled with hope and optimism.

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